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What's New?

» Lizard Man was chosen as the Best Cryptozoology Book of 2013 by Cryptozoo News. (The Beast of Boggy Creek topped the list in 2012.)

» Watch for Lyle in Season 2 episodes of Monsters and Mysteries in America (Destination America).

» LIZARD MAN is here! Click here for more info.

» Lyle was featured on the Finding Bigfoot Season 4 premiere episode "Return To Boggy Creek" (Animal Planet).

» The Beast of Boggy Creek is now available in a special hardcover edition: Click Here to purchase.


The Beast of Boggy Creek and Lizard Man are available from Anomalist Books. For more info CLICK HERE

Upcoming Appearances

» Apr 26: Ohio Bigfoot Conference - Cambridge, OH

» May 2-4: Texas Frightmare - Dallas, TX

» Aug 16: Carnival of Parahorror - Buffalo, NY

» Aug 28-31: Festival of Fear - Toronto, Canada

» Sept 6: Wake the Dead - Galveston, TX

» Oct 3-4: Honobia Bigfoot Conference - Honobia, OK

» Oct 25: Boggy Creek Festival - Fouke, AR


Monstro Bizarro / Rue Morgue

Lyle's Monstro Bizarro blog can be found on the Rue Morgue website. "Monstro Bizarro Presents" is also a regular column in the print magazine.

Interviews & Articles

» Podcast: Higherside Chats

» Podcast: Expanded Perspectives

» Podcast: Beyond the Edge Radio

» Blogtalk Radio: Sasquatch Watch

» Video: The Bigfoot Report

» Podcast: Into the Dark Radio

» Podcast: DisinfoCast

» Podcast: Night of the Living Podcast

» Podcast: The Bigfoot Show

» Podcast: Gralien Report

» Blogtalk Radio: Nocturnal Frequency

» Blogtalk Radio: Bigfoot Tonight

» Article: Central Track

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