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» Lyle's Monstro Bizarro book from the Rue Morgue library series will hit stores on October 1st and is now available for pre-order. The book explores the entertaining world of cryptozoology in horror cinema and culture. It features articles, photo galleries, cryptid files, and much more! Click here for info.

» Wood Knocks: A Journal of Sasquatch Research is now available on Amazon. Lyle contributed a chapter called "Giants of the Piney Woods" to this anthology book featuring many notable authors. Click here to find out more.

» Lyle is a co-producer and will appear in the upcoming "Boggy Creek Monster" documentary from Small Town Monsters Films set for release November 11.


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Upcoming Appearances

» Aug 06: Dogman Symposium - Defiance, OH

» Sep 2-4: Dragon Con - Atlanta, GA

» Sep 30 - Oct 1: Honobia Bigfoot Festival - Honobia, OK

» Oct 14-15: Texas Bigfoot Conference - Jefferson, TX

Monstro Bizarro / Rue Morgue

Lyle's Monstro Bizarro column can be found in Rue Morgue magazine. To order Lyle's Monstro Bizarro book, click here.

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